Port tariff fees



§1  General Provisions

  1. This Tariff established by the Management Board of FOSFAN S.A. is based on the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure as of 08.05.02 on the value of port charges (Journal of Laws No. 74 of 14.06.02) specifying the port charges levied for the use of the Phosphate Wharf and Wharf with dolphins belonging to FOSFAN S.A.
  2. FOSFAN S.A. will levy charges: berthage and wharfage fees as well as mooring fees, while the tonnage and carriage fees will be levied by the Port of Szczecin-Świnoujście.
  3. The services are based on prior written order or agreement.
  4. The rates of port charges expressed in euro are converted into the currency of payment in accordance with the Table of Exchange Rates of the National Bank of Poland according to the average exchange rate binding at the end of use of the Port wharf.
  5. All charges are collected based on the gross tonnage (GT) of the vessel.
    • The basis for determining the amount of the port fee is the respective current International Tonnage Certificate of the vessel or measurement certificate specifying the gross tonnage (GT) of the vessel.
    • For vessels with tonnage certificate indicating their gross registered tonnage (GRT) it is assumed for the needs of determining the port fee that 1 GRT = 1 GT.
    • The port fee calculated on the basis of the weight or the amount of cargo is determined on the basis of the relevant shipment document.
    • For tankers with double bottom or segregated ballast tanks the basis for calculation of the gross tonnage fees (GT) is reduced by the capacity of the double bottom or segregated ballast tanks, as defined in the submitted documents constituting the above.
  6. The vessel or its representative shall provide all data of the vessel in a written form.
  7. The Port Tariff is effective from February 1, 2006.

 §2 Wharfage and berthage fees 

The wharfage and berthage fees shall be levied as follows:

  • wharfage fee, subject to paragraph. 5.4 – 0.11 EUR / 1GT
  • berthage fee, subject to paragraph. 5.4 – 0.01 EUR / 1GT / 1h per each commenced day before and after loading before or after lapse of 4 hours
  • berthage fee without transhipment – 0,015 EUR / 1GT / 1h

 §3 Mooring Fees

  1. The fees for mooring or leaving the berth by the vessel shall be levied according to the gross tonnage (GT):
to 500 33.00 EUR
501–1000 48.00 EUR
1001–1500 63.00 EUR
1501–2000 78.00 EUR
2001–2500 93.00 EUR
2501–3000 108.00 EUR
3001–3500 123.00 EUR
3501–4000 138.00 EUR
4001–4500 153.00 EUR
4501–5000 168.00 EUR
Above 5000 183.00 EUR












2. Additional Charges:

  • for mooring services on Saturdays, i.e. from 22:00 on the preceding day till 22:00 on Saturday, an allowance of 80% shall be added to the tariff fees
  • for mooring services performed on Sundays and public holidays, i.e. from 22:00 on the day preceding a public holiday till 6:00 the next day after a public holiday, an allowance of 100% shall be added to the tariff fee.

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