Wharf parameters

  • PHOSPHATE wharf

first 45 m from the north, strengthening of the wharf boundary

next 148 m of the wharf – 5.9 m

next 87 m of the wharf – 5.8 m

remaining 11 m of the wharf – incomplete survey

  • Wharf with MOORING DOLPHINS – at the central berth on the mooring line with a length of 185 m (65 m of the central berth and after 60 meters to the north and south on the extension of the dolphins of the central berth):

first 166 m from the north – 5,7 m

next 19 m of the mooring line – 5,3 m

  • At the approach to the PHOSPHATE wharf – 5,8 m.
  • At the approach to the WHARF WITH MOORING DOLPHINS – 5,9 m.



The above draughts refer to the average water level in the Port of Szczecin 513.

Admissible draught of vessels berthing at the wharves is set by the Maritime Office in Szczecin.


* The data presented on the basis of surveys as of 05.02.2018 and 08-13.08.2018.