Port infrastructure
Port facilities

Infrastructure of the Port on the Odra:

  • terminal for unloading sulphuric acid from rail tanks
  • a sulphuric acid storage base with a capacity of 1 100 m3
  • a terminal for unloading vehicle tanks with phosphoric acid
  • three additional rubber covered tanks with a total capacity of 700 m3 intended for storage of phosphoric acid
  • installations for the production of single superphosphate and compound fertilizers
  • certified reloading weighing scales – feed chute for bulk materials
  • certified truck weighing scales
  • train weighing scales
  • terminals for loading bulk products and goods into big bags and bags a’25 kg and a’50 kg
  • positions for packaging into small bags from 1 kg to 10 kg
  • a position for packaging liquid fertilizers into bottles of 0.5 litres and 5 litres
  • an automatic line palletizing and wrapping bags on pallets
  • loaders and forklifts
  • a mini-loader for vessel trimming
  • locomotives for shunting wagons