Port operations
Packaging materials

Thanks to the technological infrastructure we can perform packaging of fertilizers and other bulk materials into bags with a capacity of 1-1 000 kg. We also offer services related to the packaging of liquid cargo into containers with a capacity of 0.5 to 5 litres as well as IBC containers with a capacity of 1 000 litres.

We are open to any proposals on this type of service.

Phosphate wharf (concrete) is connected through warehouses with three terminals packaging into big bags and two terminals packaging into bags a’25 kg and a’50 kg on pallets. Packaged goods are stored on paved (with concrete cubes) yards on pallets protected from top with canvas. More demanding products (nitrate, urea) are stored in the warehouse hall and storage shelter with a total area of 2 160 m2. We also have a line for automatic palletising and wrapping bags on euro-pallets.