Business profile

Fosfan SA – Your reliable partner!

FOSFAN SA is a manufacturer of compound agricultural fertilizers (Suprofos, SuproFoska, Superfosfat) and gardening fertilizers (Fructus, Planten, LagronVit). We have over 65 years of experience in the production of fertilizers.


Highest quality

Our policy complies with the most requiring standards – all of our fertilizers meet the high criteria set by the EU legislation and have all the necessary certificates. The highest quality is confirmed by the introduced ISO 9001 system and environmental management system ISO 14001. For the benefit of the environment, for years we have conducted a conscious pro-environment policy and participate in the international Responsible Care program which is a voluntary initiative of the global chemical industry to protect the environment.


Dynamic development of the port

The advantageous location of the company with direct access to the Szczecin-Świnoujście waterway causes that the port activity develops equally dynamically as the production activity. In Port on the Odra we provide professional handling services for bulk cargo, aggregate and liquid chemicals.


Innovative solutions

Our main focus is on cooperation with companies and institutions in the chemical industry. We are a co-founder of the Association of West Pomeranian Chemical Cluster “Green Chemistry”. By implementing innovative solutions, we work with scientific institutions and R & D industry. We are also members of various research consortia.

In the list of the most dynamic Polish companies the position of Fosfan SA has systematically increased and significantly strengthened within several years not only in the Western Pomerania Region, but also in Poland as a whole.