Additional services

Production of fertilizers on behalf of third parties

The technology infrastructure and production capacity enable us to provide services of the production of compound fertilizers from entrusted raw materials.


Packaging of granulates and other dry goods in bulk

At clients’ request we provide packaging services for certain stores of fertilizers, e.g. slow-release fertilizers based on phosphate, apatite, dolomite and ingredients with a high content of elements absorbable for plants. We also provide bottling services of liquid chemicals.


Milling of bulk products

We also offer the ability to grind materials such as rock phosphate, apatite, dolomite, limestone, etc. in the amount of approx. 30 t / h, using the MAKRUM ball mill.


Lease of warehouse and production facilities

At Nad Odrą street we have a four-storey warehouse building with an area of 2 000 m2 on each floor. In this building we provide lease services of for storing of goods or unobtrusive manufacturing activities.